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Mehen Food Machinery Manufacture Co Ltd.

[Chiny] Hard Ice Cream Machine ( Factory Direct Sale)

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Combined Gelato Machine (Factory Direct Sale)

1. MEHEN is first company in China to develop and manufacture Gelato Machine
for over 10 years. First grate quality with high standard performance!

2. MEHEN Gelato Machine can make premium artisan gelato (ice cream) by fully automatic operation with digital Control System.

MEHEN Gelato Machine Models: M5C, M10C,M15C,M20C

1) Digital indicator: Shows consistency of ice cream range from 1-10

2) Gelato Machine cylinder capacity: 5 liter, 10 liter, 15 liter, 20 liter

3) Condenser of Gelato Machine:Air or water

4) Power supply: 220/380 Volt, 1/3 PH, 50/60 HZ

5) Certificate: CE

MEHEN Gelato Machine Material & Components:

1) Compressor: Tecumseh from France or Bizter from Germany

2) Expansion Valve: Danfoss from Denmark

3) Motor: Wan'nan Motor or Siemens Motor

4) Refrigerant: R404A

5) AISI 304 Stainless Steel

MEHEN Gelato Machine Characteristics:

1. Divided in two parts: a hot part for pasteurizing and a cold part for batch freezing.

2. Two speeds, low for Italian gelato and high for high overrun American ice cream.

3. Easy control panel, electronically controlled through a few simple buttons

4. Automatic performance based on a series of predetermined functions in a rapid and repetitive way

5. Unique designed evaporator with gas finely dispersed to "Multipoint" around cylinder.

6. Patent dasher with high performance, easy to clean and replace.

7. Hardness-control-system (HCS),precisely control the status of mixer

8. Vertical heating tub with outside transfer tube, easy for operating, cleaning and maintenance.

9. Designed with safety devices to protect the operator and the machine from dangers.

10. Practical built-in water hose allowing easier and faster cleaning

11. Automatic audible alarm signals when a process is done

General Introduction:

The gelato making machine is an ideal machine for ice cream making. It is fast, simple, reliable and space-saving. This machine perfectly suits modern commercial ice cream makers who want total hygiene, simplicity of use and efficacy. An entire workshop in one machine only. Production of all types of ice cream. Perfect pasteurizing, fast production, easy operation. Low running cost by saving water and power. The new model has a brand-new freezing cylinder and improved dasher results that freezing is more even on the inside surface, it can produce much harder ice cream with better texture. An industrial quality frequency control device makes the machine extremely quiet and adds years to the operating life of the machine. The easy-to-read electronic module shows the progress of the batch and has a fault diagnosing mode. More flexible operation system with Hardness-Control-System (HCS), you can change freely low or high overrun even during running, as well as the output speed as you wish during extruding progress which allows you gently art deco the ice cream. It can produce high overrun Ice Cream, Homemade Italian Gelato, Slush, Sherbet & Sorbet, Yogurt, Smoothie and Frozen Custard
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Mehen Food Machinery Manufacture Co Ltd.

Ulica:No.1, Xinling Road, Chunhua, Jiangning district,Nanjing,China
Kod pocztowy:211122
Telefon: +86 25 68552699
Faks: +86 25 68621829

Osoba kontaktowa

Imię i Nazwisko: Alina Liu
Telefon stacjonarny: +86 25 68552699
Telefon komórkowy: +86 13776629127
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